Join the GSBC Family - Upcoming Events

Upcoming Events:




 March 6 (Every Tuesday at 7:00 pm) Bible Study. 


March 11 (Sunday at 5:00 pm) Women of Worship Tea Time A Feast with a Cup of Tea.  Featuring Elegance Hats Fashion modelled by our Greater women, Door prizes, Gifts and Great Fellowship.  


March 18 (Sunday during morning service) Trustee Rally Day.  


March 22 (Thursday 7:00 pm – 9:00 pm) A Tax Grievance Seminar will be held at GSBC.  Join Legislator Debra Mule and a representative from ARC (Assessment Review Commission) to receive free assistance in preparing a tax grievance application.  All applications & forms will be provided.  All are welcome to attend.


March 23 (Friday 7:00 pm -8:00 pm) The Mentors Through Education invites all youth and parents to a presentation on “The Power of Food”.  A fun nutritious food demonstration with physician, culinary and nutrition educator Dr. Robert P. Dell’Amore. 


March 25 (During morning service) Palm Sunday Observance.


March 26 (Monday at 7:30 pm) Pastor Mallette, choir and congregation are invited to a night of Holy Week Services at the Antioch Baptist Church (93 James LL Burell Ave., Hempstead, NY).  Bishop Phillip E. Elliott Pastor.


Passion Week Services are as follows:

March 27 (Tuesday at 7:30 pm) Passion Week Service.  Special invited guest preacher:  Reverend Dr. Vernon D. Shelton, Sr., Pastor of Holy Trinity Baptist Church, Amityville, NY.


March 28 (Wednesday at 7:30 pm) Passion Week Service.  Special invited guest preacher:  Elder Dr. J.D. Williams, Sr. Pastor of St. John Baptist Church, Arverne, NY.


March 29 (Thursday at 7:30 pm) Holy Communion Service commemorating The Passion of Christ.  Pastor Mallette will be preaching a soul-stirring sermon.  Holy Communion will be served.


March 30 (Good Friday at 7:30 pm) Good Friday Service.  Special invited guest preacher:  Bishop Phillip E. Elliott, Pastor of Antioch Baptist Church, Hempstead, NY.  All members please wear black.


April 1 (Easter Sunday)

v  6:00 am – Sunrise Resurrection Service.

v  9:30 am – Sunday School Easter Program Observance, Dea. Dallas Randolph, Superintendent of the Sunday School.

v  11:00 am – Sunday Morning Worship Service



June 3 (Sunday/All Day) We the Greater Second Baptist Church family will celebrate our Pastor’s 22nd Pastoral Anniversary.  Theme:  “THE FIELD, THE LABORER, THE REWARD”.  Scripture:  “Jesus saith unto them, My meat is to do the will of him that sent me, and to finish his work”.  (John 4:34).  

v  11:00 am – Guest Preacher:  Bishop Frank Anthone White

      Pastor of Zion Cathedral Church of God in Christ, Freeport, NY

v  4:00 pm - Guest Preacher:  Reverend Dr. Carl L. Washington, Jr.

      Pastor of New Mount Zion Baptist Church, Harlem, NY; President, Empire Missionary Baptist Convention; Moderator, United Missionary Baptist Association; and Vice President, Moderators Division Northeast Region for National Baptist Convention.