Rev. William Jones                      Rev. R. G. Harris                  Rev. F. H. Davis        Rev. Dr. E. Mitchell Mallette     Rev. Dr. Eric C. Mallette

        1930 - 1937                                  1938 - 1953                         1953 - 1955                          1956 - 1998                          1998 - Current

Church History

Founded 1930

On April 6, 1930, Reverend E. M. Griffin, J. P. M. Anderson, Homer Yearby, Ralph Eberhardt, George Bullock, Charles Nick, Ossie Haynes, Margaret Gray, and Mary E. Tyes, answered the call of Reverend Jones at his home, 80 Alexander Avenue, Freeport, New York.


Within months, the mission moved to 154 East Merrick Road, where a meeting was called for the purpose of organizing the mission into a church.  On June 30, 1930, the late Reverend M. F. Logan of the Evening Star Baptist Church, Brooklyn, New York, served as Moderator of the meeting and was assisted by Reverend T. R. Riddick of Rockville Centre, New York and Reverend Charles Cooper of the Union Baptist Church, Hempstead, New York.  The following persons brought letters from their former churches:  Maggie Mays; Homer Yearby; Rachel Carr; Josephine White; Ada Mae McDuffy; Susie Eberhardt; Reverend E. M. Griffin; Daniel Simmons; Joshua Moss and John Claire.  The little mission became a church. The newly organized church was named: Second Baptist Church, Freeport, New York. 


The Reverend William Jones became the first pastor, serving from 1930-1937 with Reverend E. M. Griffin as the Assistant Pastor.  On December 3, 1931 the church was incorporated and property located at 129 East Merrick Road, containing a small church building, was purchased as the new site and church home on April 21, 1933.


The Reverend R. G. Harris, the second pastor, served from 1938 – 1953.  Under his leadership: indoor bathrooms and a new heating system were installed; new pews were purchased; the existing mortgage was liquidated; and a parsonage was purchased at 17 Helen Avenue, Freeport, New York.


The Reverend F. H. Davis, the third pastor, served from 1953 – 1955.  The Alpha, Beta and Gamma clubs were organized under his leadership. 


The Reverend Dr. E. Mitchell Mallette (Bishop) served as the fourth pastor, from April 1956, until the Lord called him home on June 26, 1998.  Dr. Mallette was a native of Jacksonville, Florida, reared in Savannah, Ga., and the second of five children.  He was the son of Alonzo Mitchell and Leona Mallette.  He was Divinely called of God to the Gospel Ministry at the age of 12, was licensed at 13 and ordained at 16, as a Gospel preacher by his pastor, The Reverend Dr. Eugene Aiken Capers at the First Evergreen Baptist Church, Savannah, Ga.  At the age of 16, Dr. Mallette became the pastor of his first church, the African Baptist Church in Woodville, Ga.  He was a child prodigy with the “great” Dr. Ralph Mark Gilbert, pastor of the First African Baptist Church, Savannah, Ga., as his mentor.  Traveling with Dr. Gilbert throughout the country on preaching missions, he was introduced to Dr. Morgan M. Days, who in later years introduced him to a small congregation in Freeport, now known as the GREATER SECOND BAPTIST CHURCH.


Dr. Mallette was a builder, organizer, teacher, advisor, pastor, evangelist, singer, Chairman Emeritus/Freeport Housing Authority and a world traveler.  He totally gave of himself to the congregation of the Greater Second Baptist Church and the community at large for outstanding and commendable service.  Dr. Mallette through “FAITH and PRAYER” and NO MONEY, led the congregation in the building of a $350,000.00 new church edifice.  Through almost insuperable struggles with the support of a faithful few, the consorted effort of Mrs. M. Lee Mallette the First Lady, chairperson for the Annual Women’s Day rallies (unified effort of both men and women) spearheaded and encouraged by Dr. Mallette proved to be rewarding and fruitful.  THE CHURCH MORTGAGE AND ALL CONTENTS WERE PAID IN FULL/LIQUIDATED JUST SHORT OF TEN YEARS AFTER CONSTRUCTION.  Under Dr. Mallette’s leadership, Second Baptist Church was given the name, GREATER SECOND BAPTIST CHURCH, by Dr. Mallette.  The following year, on the 48th Anniversary, we celebrated the cornerstone laying.  Additionally, Dr. Mallette led us in purchasing the land surrounding the church.


Dr. Mallette was multi-talented.  He was the recipient of many awards: Civic Association, Texas Southwestern Club, Community Leader and Noteworthy Americans Who’s Who, and the Radio Station WTHE Broadcasting Award.  Dr. Mallette was known in Liberia, West Africa as “Chief Abibi.”  He was also made an honorary Bishop in the field of Christendom.  Dr. Mallette, served as a COMMISSIONER to the Freeport Housing Authority for more than 15 years.  In his honor, a $4,000,000,00 Senior Citizen apartment was erected and named: THE DR. E. MITCHELL MALLETTE SENIOR CITIZEN APARTMENTS.


Dr. Mallette made many TV appearances:  in Savannah, Ga.; Washington, D.C.; and Greensboro, N.C.  He made several appearances with the Reverend Cleophus Robinson and recorded an L.P. with Savoy Recording Company.  His first recording with the church choirs was entitled; “Troubled about My Soul and Don’t Let It Be Said, Too Late” and his last recording CD entitled, “Use God’s Might” was said to be his greatest work in his music ministry. Dr. Mallette concertized with the Mallette Chorale at Carnegie Hall, with Miss Linda Hopkins, presented by actor Sidney Poitier and he also concertized for the Township of Hempstead.  Dr. Mallette was the FIRST to hold Summer Stock for the Park Commission/Nassau and Suffolk counties, which was his vision and planning that is still followed to this day by other ministers.  Dr. Mallette organized The Dr. E. Mitchell Mallette Scholarship Fund Committee to lend support to our Black Colleges and give incentives to our young parishioners for higher education.  His Gospel Preaching acclaimed him a National and International Evangelist.  Dr. Mallette’s ministry in travel, took him to Japan, Hong Kong, Kowloon, England, Holland, Belgium, France, Germany, Austria, Sweden, Spain, Portugal, Italy, Greece, Egypt and Israel, just to name a few.


Our current pastor, the Reverend Dr. Eric Charles Mallette, was installed as Co-Pastor on June 16, 1996; became Pastor after the home-going of Reverend Dr. E. Mitchell Mallette, June 26, 1998; and is the fifth pastor of the Greater Second Baptist Church.


Under this great leadership of the Reverend Dr. Eric Charles Mallette and with the moving of the Holy Ghost, our church membership is being enhanced spiritually and numerically.  He orchestrated the renaming and street memorial sign dedication on the corner of Liberty Park, to Dr. E. Mitchell Mallette Drive; started boys and girls mentoring programs; instituted weekly Bible Study; reorganized the choirs which are now the “Greater Voices of Praise”; and formed a Golden Age Society for our seniors.  The completion of our church beautification project, which  included new: stain-glass windows; carpet; pews; Pulpit and choir chairs;  altar accessories; front edifice; basement and outdoor lighting; re-tiling of basement floors; stainless steel refrigerator and freezer; purchase of a brand new 15 passenger Senior Van, wrought iron fence; repavement of parking lot; reconstruction of the choir room, and redesign of front entrance to include a ramp, a total renovation of the Charles Lee Dining Hall (lower level), in 2016 the purchase of a 22 passenger shuttle bus, is evidence of our great faith and works following the guidance and direction of our leader, Pastor Mallette.


Without a vision, the people will perish.  With continued leadership, new insights, and tenacity of our beloved Pastor, it does not yet appear what marvelous things God has in store for the Greater Second Baptist Church.  “To God Be the Glory for the Things He Has Done.”